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Why Engage Guidry-Coastal Architecture  Inc. ?

Guidry-Coastal Architecture Inc. provides Project Design, Master Planning, Interior Design and Graphics services. Our Firm begins with a primary objective to provide innovation with technical proficiency in creating a solution to our clients’ functional needs while performing within budget and schedule parameters.


Selecting the Right Architect


Many would say the architect is your design advocate, taking your conceptual and sometimes visual ideas, asking the right questions, and turning them into workable realities. Few people realize how complex a building or structure can be, that is until they find themselves involved in the process of design. Working through today’s building codes, zoning laws, and construction techniques can be difficult even to the highly trained professional.


Education and Training


Most state licensing boards require a professional degree in architecture from an accredited school. These programs require five to six years post-secondary education. All architects are required to serve in an internship for a minimum of four additional years under a registered architect’s direct supervision.


Examination and License


All architects that wish to be licensed in there respective state must pass a four day, nine component exam. The exam covers testing in pre-design, general structures, lateral forces (wind loading and earthquake design), mechanical systems, electrical systems, building design/material and methods, construction documents, site planning, building planning and building technology. In some jurisdictions you must have an architect’s or engineer’s seal on all the construction documents prepared for the project. This is very important in sensitive design areas such as the coast, where buildings are exposed to high winds experienced during a hurricane.


Continuing Education


Architects are required by law to maintain their license through yearly course studies related to various fields of architecture and life safety aspects of design.


Design Professionals


Architects represent their clients, not the numerous product manufacturers, suppliers, and various contractors involved in the design of a building or structure. Architects have access to information on building products, from new innovative materials, green technologies, and traditional products used through-out the building process. Architects are always studying various construction methods and related issues such as cost and life safety.


Construction Advocate


The architect is always available to their clients to ensure that the contractor’s work is following the original design intent. The knowledge and architect brings to the process will always help a project move smoothly and effectively through-out the construction process.


Project Cost


Most of all, the architect is a wise investment to any building process. A well conceived project can be built more efficiently and economical with an architect on board. Architects always plan a project with the client. During this phase of design all ideas are reviewed. Many changes can be made on paper or CAD, a much less expensive way to make changes rather than during the construction phase, which can become very costly.


Some important areas an architect can help you save money on a project are:

  •  Design a building to maximize lighting from the sun, thus reducing your electric bills over time.
  •  Select the appropriate materials and workmanship at a fair price.
  •  They can develop drawings to help you get bids for construction that are based on all your requirements.
  •  Architects can help you choose materials and finishes that are durable as well as beautiful, saving on frequent maintenance and replacement cost.

Finally, good design sells. A well-designed project has a higher resale value. A well-designed store draws customers. A well-designed work environment attracts employees and increases productivity.



As one great architect once said, “a doctor can bury his mistakes but the architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.” Frank Lloyd Wright


Falling Waters-Frank Lloyd Wright
Coastal Living Idea House - 2009